Monday, June 1, 2009

Enjoying the Weather

It's been hot here lately, so we've been taking full advantage. The kids are loving it most of all and have already started swimming in the pool (the first day they went it was definitely NOT warm, but I guess if you are a kid it doesn't really matter) and ingesting popsicles by the ton. Cecily loves being outside, which is great. Hopefully we'll get some use out of the new double stroller. Colin is James' little helper when it comes to yard work. He spent all Sunday afternoon helping water things, take care of the garden, and mow the lawn. It's the girls' last week of school and they are so excited (I myself have mixed feelings about that LOL).


Mom said...

Tomorrow it will be Grandma's turn to hold her, I can't wait. I too can't wait to give kisses and hugs to all of my beautiful Grandkids!