Friday, June 19, 2009

Catching Up

By the lack of posts this month you might be under the impression that June is a lazy summer month in the Fife household but au contraire! We've not been lazy, I've just been too lazy to post LOL. The month started out with Colin's 2nd birthday at Chuck E Cheese, then the girls both appeared in their school's talent show, then my mom flew in from Wisconsin to visit for a wonderful ten days, Hero and Allegra celebrated their last day of school, Mom and I celebrated Mother's Day with lunch at PF Chang's, James and I celebrated our 11th anniversary with dinner at Tucano's Brazilian Grill, then it was our annual neighborhood garage sale which happened on the same day as James' 33rd birthday. Besides the milestones, smaller things have been happening around here too - Cecily was introduced to and fell in love with the pacifier (it's great for in the car when she's really wailing), and Hero, Allegra, and Ian have been taking a daily afternoon trip to the playground in our subdivision, all by themselves. This is a little bit scary for me, but the kids really enjoy getting out of the house and Hero is uber-responsible and always carries her cell phone. The second half of June is looking to be almost as busy as the first half. Where is the summer going already?!


Mom said...

The wonderful 10 days was had by me. I loved every minute I got to spend out there. Maybe minus the cold Colin gave me but.... I wish I could see all of you on a daily basis. Our house is so darn quiet. Miss you tons and love you more!