Monday, May 25, 2009

Proud Big Brothers and Sisters

Hero, Allegra, Ian and Colin are relishing the arrival of their baby sister. They absolutely dote on her and argue a bit over who gets to hold her. Hero is such an experienced big sister that she's very trustworthy and I'm sure will be a wonderful help to me over summer break. Allegra just can't lavish enough love on Cecily. Ian is more fascinated than I imagined he'd be, although occasionally he refers to her as "it" LOL. I was worried about how Colin would adjust to the new baby of the family, but he wants to get in on the action as much as his siblings. He calls her "baby sister" (Cecily is kind of a hard name to say) and likes to hold her and pet her. Cecily is very lucky to have two big sisters to teach her about everything and two big brothers to protect her.