Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Allegra the Ballerina

Yesterday was Allegra's dress rehearsal for ballet. The actual recital is on Saturday but they don't allow videotaping or pictures there, so we have to do that at the dress rehearsal. She looked adorable and just loves her ballet class. She's still at the stage where you kind of think, and I paid HOW much money for a years worth of dance? You know, little girls running all over and generally looking clueless about where they are supposed to be, with a random wave to parents or, better yet, nose-picking here or there. But I do know that all of the sudden it seems to pay off and you watch them and you can actually see a ballerina - Hero's definitely to that point. Her year lasts two weeks longer than Allegra's, so her recital won't be until May 30th.


Bobbi said...

How fun! I cannot wait to get Maggie into some sort of dance class. When did you start your girls?

Mom and Dad said...

Allegra looks beautiful, our granddaughters are perfect. Must get that from their Mommy!