Thursday, January 22, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

On Tuesday was another doctor's appointment and ultrasound - we hit the 6 months mark this week! All of the sudden the "honeymoon" phase of pregnancy is over - I'm feeling very uncomfortable, tight, and unable to breathe. So, although I'm definitely not ready to meet this little babe yet, May seems SO far away. Indeed the baby is still emphatically a girl (whew!) and she was very stubborn during the ultrasound so it took a while to get the necessary pictures of her cord, abdomen, and heart, but everything looks good. My next appointment is scheduled for February 13th. I've included a very poorly lit picture of me, but it's the only one I have, so at least you can see my new haircut. I also have, more importantly, an u/s pic of Cecily. You can see her forehead, nose, and lips, with yet again a hand above her face.


Anonymous said...

You look amazing Hon, I love your hair cut. You don't look 6 mos. along at all. Cecily is adorable of course!

funnymommy said...

You are so always! And I love the new "do" - very chic! :-)
I also love the name you've picked out - do you have a middle name yet? I can't believe you're 6mos already! It's seems to be flying by for me! May will be here before you know it! :-)