Friday, January 9, 2009

Through-the-Bible in a Year

James, Hero, and I committed to reading through the entire bible this year along with other members of Meridian First Baptist church. Hero does it on her own, and she's even more on top of it then the adults are (although she did have to come downstairs one night in the middle of her reading to ask what circumcision meant - oy!). James and I take turns reading out loud, and things got a little punchy when we're behind and trying to catch up on multiple days' reading (luckily James got stuck with Genesis 14 and the all the tongue-twisting king names LOL). We've never done any reading together, so this has been an interesting experience thus far. We're supposed to be reading the Old Testament and New Testament simultaneously but we haven't even started the NT yet, oops. It's good for us to spend more time together and engaged in (mostly) serious study. Pastor Randy has a blog with daily comments on the assigned readings at


Anonymous said...

Dad and I think this is a great idea, so much so I think we'll try too. Can't believe your half way through your pregnancy too, you look amazing!