Friday, September 5, 2008

A New School Year

It's no secret that Autumn is my favorite time of year and always has been, but since becoming a parent it's gotten even better because it means BACK TO SCHOOL time. I love my kids, but I also like having a peaceful, sane house for a few hours everyday. Hero's in 4th grade, Allegra is in 1st and Ian is in 2-afternoons-a-week preschool at Shepherd of the Valley. The girls have been walking home most days and I LOVE it because they are tired out and relaxed when they get home. Now that we've gotten into the school routine, we'll see how smoothly we get into the extracurricular routine that starts next week. Here's some pictures of the girls on the first day of school and of the boys keeping themselves occupied when they have the house to themselves.


Michelle said...

Melissa, the kids are so cute! Havent heard from ya in a while! Thanks for the congrats post, crazy huh. I love the background I checked it out and found one for myself. Just adorable!!

Hope all is well w/ your family!!

Anonymous said...

Love Colin's hair! I miss my babies, Mom and Dad too!