Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Weeknight Project

I love the idea of sewing, but the actual process can be harrowing LOL, so I do it quite infrequently. Allegra wanted to go to the fabric store and pick out a pattern and some fabric for her costume this year and I thought that would be so cute. She picked an adorable Little House on the Prairie style pioneer girl costume with slip, pantaloons, dress, apron, and sunbonnet. I cut out the fabric right away, but the whole project has been staring woefully at me from the "sewing" table for several weeks. Last night I promised myself I would start, and I didn't get too far (because I had to make buttonholes right away, which I've never done before) but I did spend a few hours working on it. I imagine I'll be spending several weeknights this month slaving away at the sewing machine. Now that I mentioned my project in public though I'll just HAVE to make sure it gets finished in time for Halloween LOL.


The Fifes said...

Cute! You'll definitely have to post the results when your project is completed.

Anonymous said...

As if you don't have enough on your plate, more power to you! I remember making costumes for you and your brothers but nothing that adventurous! Can't wait to see what it looks like. What about the rest of the clan? Make sure you take some time for yourself, that's an order!

Bobbi said...

Good for you! I'm working on a demin quilt right now made out of all the boys' old jeans. Cutting them out is a pain in the rear!!