Friday, September 19, 2008

Figure Skating Class

I finally remembered to bring my camera along to Idaho Ice World to take pictures of Hero and Allegra during their figure skating lessons. They started back in July and have moved into the second "Koala" level. The really love it and are SO cute. Hero especially seems to have an affinity and talent for it. Although it adds one more weekly thing to the schedule I have do admit I don't mind because I enjoy watching them; it brings back memories of winter weekends spent at the little ice-skating pond behind the volunteer fire station in Rib Mountain.


The Fifes said...

OH MY GOSH! THAT IS THE BEST NEWS OF THE DAY IF YOU ARE PREGNANT! Congrats :) We are thrilled for you!

Anonymous said...

I remember you skating at the little ice rink. As I think about it, even though you didn't have the pretty costumes and big arena you were a pretty accomplished skater. The girls must get their talent from their Mom. Great memories!