Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hmm, maybe the Democratic Party has fallen prey to one of Ms. Clinton's "vast right-wing conspiracies". That's the only way I can figure out that she's still in the running for the nomination. Now, I'm no Clinton-hater - I don't think that she's a socialist or evil, but one thing is crystal-clear: she unites the conservative base like no other. Perhaps the Democratic Party is so out-of-touch outside of the Beltway that they don't see what I see. Being in a staunchly Republican state that has seen a renewed interest in the nomination process of the Democratic Party, I truly believe that the result of a Hillary Clinton presidential nomination will be the re-marginalization of the Democratic Party in "red" states. To be fair, I'm an Obama supporter, but this is about more than who I personally want to see as the nominee. I think that a Clinton-McCain election will further the corrosive red state/blue state divide plaguing America. I know this is a bit out of character for my blog, but there's more to the life, even for a mom to four, than changing diapers, chaffeuring, wiping noses, and doing dishes, LOL.


Anonymous said...

That's my kid talking...maybe you should look into politics or at least writing?????

Bobbi said...

What?! Nobody told me I could keep my personality when I became a mom! ;)