Monday, February 25, 2008

The Newly Mischevious Baby

Well, we knew from prior experience that Colin wasn't going to stay tiny and helpless. We are being reminded off that now with a vengeance on a daily basis, LOL. He's into EVERYTHING. He likes to crawl into things - the bottom of his supersaucer, underneath chairs (where he promptly gets stuck), under the piano bench, through the doorway of his sisters' dollhouse, and anywhere small. This mobility is also getting him into predicaments that are driving Mom crazy - just this week he found a new sucker on the floor (darn Valentine's candy), somehow unwrapped it and was joyfully sucking away, and today he pulled my plant off the counter (one of the stems dangled oh-so-gracefully off the edge of the counter - not anymore!) leaving a water and dirt mess behind. He's just starting to pull up and stand, so I expect there to be all sorts of new drama on the horizon.


The Fifes said...

So adorable & growing so fast!

Anonymous said...

It's so fun to watch your Grandbabies drive your kids crazy, way to go Colin!