Friday, March 7, 2008

Who Needs Kids When You Have a Husband?

I guess as a mom I kind of expect my kids to make messes and for me to be eternally cleaning up after them, but not so much after my husband. I was upstairs getting ready to take Hero to ballet last night and I heard a huge crash. Since it wasn't followed by the sound of kids stampeding to their rooms to hide out and avoid getting in trouble, I figured it must have been James' fault. And sure enough, this is what I walked in on-Image and video hosting by TinyPic
An entire Costco-size bucket of JellyBellies all over the kitchen floor. To James' credit, he did clean it up, although he bribed the kids with 5 jelly beans a piece if they helped. Love you, Darling. ;-P
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Anonymous said...

Such a waste, you know those are my favorites. I hope the kids got clean ones! I don't think by the pics that the 5 second rule could apply! Where was Rory? She must have had a field day :-) It certainly looks festive, very springy! Taking Easter decorating over the top don't ya think??!!