Friday, November 8, 2013

Hawaii - Part 6

Going to Germaine's Luau is a staple of our Hawaiian trips.  James and I went on our honeymoon, then again when his parents took us to the islands in 2001, and Mom and Dad went (on our recommendation) on their anniversary trip.  It's just relaxed and a place to let your hair down without fear of looking dumb.  And the kahlua pig is delish (dipped in poi, of course!).

We attempted to get a lovely family picture inside our home in our matching luau wear - but you'll notice that there are only five kids pictured

Because this is where the youngest one was - throwing a fit on the sofa

Waiting for the unearthing of the pig

The girls thought the dancers were just beautiful

The boys didn't really care

Leaving the stage after some epic hula-dancing by Elle, Cecily, Allegra, Aunt Liz, and Me

I love this photo-bomb of the picture ofAunt  Liz, Allegra & Cecily

Cecily with her "adopted" parents, Aunt Liz & Uncle Ryan

Ah memories.  The instant after this photo was snapped, we discovered that Elinor had an epic blowout (too much haupia pudding, maybe LOL).  Like, massive.  It was awful, seriously.


Serena said...

Everything about this post makes me laugh...from the creepy photo-bomber and the epic blowout, to the temper tantrum picture and Cecily's face with the hula dancer. Hilarious!!!

The Merry Band of Fife said...

Oh it truly was hilarious. We were like "man, I wonder if they have a backed up sewer or something" only to quickly realize that, no, it was our kid. And, to top it off, it was an hour drive back to the house with all of us in the 15 passenger van, a naked kid desperately in need of a bath, and a bag with stinky clothes in it.