Monday, December 16, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I have to interrupt my behindedness (not a word, but probably should be in my life) to shout Merry Christmas!  We're in the thick of the season, so well-wishes are long overdue.  We've been busy with lots of activities, as always, and I will share them, but I wanted to put my virtual Merry Christmas out there first.

Pictures from our church Christmas brunch and Sunday School program 12/15/13


The best photo of all the children I could find

Elinor loves to get her picture taken



Dad - festive in a holly tie that was not of his own choosing

Cecily and Elinor singing Away in a Manger


Allegra reciting Mary's Magnificat

Colin'sin the dark brown and blue in the first row, and Ian's in the second rowwith a striped white and blue tunic

Allegra as Mary


Anonymous said...

its great to see all of the kids. time doesn't stop. Glad your putting hawaii pictures on. Looking forward to more. Love Dad