Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hawaii - Part 5

We relaxed on Saturday with a full day on the beach (on the eastern side of Oahu).  It wouldn't have been a Plautz family outing without sandwiches packed in coolers for lunch (no matter where we went, even if we were travelling across the country, we always passed up fast food/dining out for packed meals - white bread, miracle whip, cheese, and bologna/ham).  It's something my family almost never does because I didn't like it as a kid at all, but now I get a laugh out of it.  My goodness, just looking at that beautiful water makes me long for the warmth and ease of that day!

Grandpa and the boys

Just gorgeous - the older folks and Hero swam out to that island in the distance and Ryan got to see a sea turtle

Cecily with her sandwich

Elle with her sandwich (I think she ate a few other people's sandwiches as well while we weren't looking)

Dad, Aunt Liz, Uncle Ryan, Hero, and Colin, tossing the football back and forth

Grandpa spending some time with the littles

Grandpa & Elle chilling on the beach