Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Grandpa's House!

It seems like forever ago, but it hasn't even been a month since we left for our summer vacation to Wisconsin!  The drive there was a dream.  I mean, as much as that long a roadtrip with eight people in a car can be considered a dream.  We departed Boise at about 10am on Tuesday, August 7th and arrived at our hotel in Miles City, Montana around 11:30pm (the dark hours are the hardest - the car makes me naturally sleepy, and James too, as long as he's the one driving - bad, I know!).  We departed Miles City the following morning aat about 8:30am and arrived into Wausau at 10:30pm.  It's always so fun to cross the river into Wisconsin - we rejoice every time we see the Welcome to Wisconsin sign!  We were busy, busy, busy, so much so that I didn't get the chance to take a lot of pictures.  There were relatively few moments that we spent hanging out at Dad's house, but when we did the kids enjoyed playing with the Sphinxs, Tut and Yoda, and Uncle Troy and Aunt Becky's cat, Zeke, playing in the yard, and playing video games in the basement. 

Cecily & Uncle Ryan enjoying some sane weather this time around
Ryan's such a chick magnet
Cecily fishing for cats (aka harrassing them)
Cecily napping and sporting her vacation war wound
Yoda only tolerated the kids
Tut was a good sport and played with them, though



Serena said...

WHOA! I had some catching up to do...it wasn't that long ago that I checked in, but I was behind by about 4 posts. Looks like you have been busy with lots of FUN activities this summer. So glad that you made it out to see your Dad. I don't know how your family manages the long road trip. Our road trip to CA this summer just about sent me to the looney bin. That's half the distance with half the number of kiddos. You guys are amazing!