Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A "Love" Letter

Dear Dad,
I hear this often on the radio, and I think of you, Dad (and Mom too, of course).  Especially with the Isaiah 40 reference.  You know, Dad, it's been a long road for the two of us.  I never doubted your love for me, ever.  But sometimes I doubted that you "liked" me.  I'd imagine I might have given you the same thought (eh, the teen years, what can I say?).  It's taken me almost 34 years to even start to grasp the extent of the impact you've had on the woman I am today.  Although we didn't have the "daddy"-daughter relationship modern culture seems to favor, at the core of our relationship was the very things that matter most.  To this day (and forever, I'm sure), you are my definition of integrity.  It was a word I didn't understand fully until many, many years after I'd moved out of your house and into my adult life.  I think that might have been why I didn't appreciate you fully.  I knew that you possessed integrity, but I only had the vaguest sense of what that word meant.  Well, I'm not so arrogant to think that I understand it fully now, but certainly I know much better what it means.  For me, I think it's the greatest quality any one human can possess (perhaps love gives it a run for its money, but I don't think of love as a quality, but more as an action).  It is a rare quality, I think.  Entirely too rare.  For me, in it's fullest, most complete sense, it is a uniquely Christian value.  It means security and trust for all who are fortunate enough to interact with you.  When you say something, you mean it.  When you promise something, you will deliver.  I'm not there yet.  I'm a work-in-progress.  But someday, by the grace of God, I hope my own grown children will say the same of James and I.  I love you Dad.  
Forever your daughter,


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss, I am speechless! I know we had our days and I was pretty stubborn. If it wasn"t for Mom and helping me see the light, I wouldn't be where I am today. Mom was an absolute blessing to me and I thank God for her and you and your brothers. I'll call soon. Love Dad