Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For Fun

The ironic thing is that I was originally going to make this post into a vent about overachieving mothers and their Valentine's Day analness (anality?). But, in the spirit of being more positive, I decided to share some pics of my own craftiness at work. This was our small Super Bowl spread two weeks ago - I can't take credit for the recipes as I found them in my cookbook, but I thought they were too adorable to pass up. In case you can't tell from the picture I made Dice Cheese Dip and Crackers, Dartboard Pizza, Jello game chips, and Scrabble Blondies. They were delish and cute - the perfect accompaniment to a perfect game (can't wait to see the newest Lombardi trophy when we visit Lambeau Field on our spring break). This was a good week for me, weight loss wise - I'm down 2.6lbs, which is a 10.2lb weight loss total, which puts me at 196.2lbs. I feel SO much better about myself already. I'm wondering if still breastfeeding is finallly starting to pay off and I'm losing weight because of that, because honestly it hasn't been terribly hard lately. It's so wonderful to feel in control of food rather than the opposite way around.