Thursday, February 10, 2011


I think about great, deep thoughts that I should put in my blog on a daily basis. And inevitably the moment passes and I forget about it. So, you are left with the predictable and mundane, sorry! First of all, we have birthdays! Ian turned seven on Saturday. He didn't want a party (which seemed strange, but, whatever, I guess), and instead chose to go to a restaurant of his choosing (Chuck-A-Rama) and then celebrate with cake, ice cream, and presents at Nana and Papa's house at night (right before piano lessons - the world does keep on turning when you have eight birthdays a year in one house). We splurged a bit on his cake since that was going to be the centerpiece of the whole day and ordered a Mario Brothers themed cake from Pasty Perfection. It was so cute and colorful, and perfect for the boy who absolutely adores all things Mario (especially his Mario pjs). And, in a stunning bad mommy moment, we have no true pics of the cake or his birthday because I forgot the camera. We took some phone pics, but we haven't downloaded them to the computer yet, yikes! And, moving on, today is my Mom's birthday. I won't share how old she is (um, it's because I'm being nice, not because I have no clue- wink,wink) and I also won't share how sucky of a daughter I am since my card will be late, as usual. You know how much we love you though, Mom! I owe ya a Starbucks run when we visit next month! And I wasn't in a raging hurry to share my stats this week because they weren't stellar, but, all things considered I was worried that I would actually gain weight, and I didn't, so I'm not complaining too much. I lost .2 lbs and am down to 198.8. Less than 10lbs to go to my first goal weight - I'm hoping I really can pull in some big numbers this week!


Mom said...

Thanks for not sharing my age and I will be happy to go on that Starbucks run next month. I can't wait to see everyone. Love to all!