Monday, January 24, 2011

Food All Around

Woot, I'm slowly catching up as I'm now recounting stuff from January. On the 5th (10 days short of six months) Elle had her first taste of solid foods. She took to it like a champ and I'm now glad I have some use for all of that breastmilk stored in the freezer (since this girl decidedly does not "do" bottles). I've waited longer and longer to introduce solids for each kid. I'm going to say officially it's because that's what the expert guidelines are changing to, but honestly I think it's because it's easier to do without the mess for as long as possible. We started with rice cereal and will be moving onto yellow vegetables and adding barley as a grain this week as well.

And, on a side note, GO PACKERS. Seriously, though, I wish that we were in Wisconsin for the Superbowl so that I could go to someone else's party and eat someone else's lovely food instead of having to host my own LOL. Hmm, I'm putting off a food obsession vibe lately, it seems. I must be "dieting".


Mom and Dad said...

Oh, what a sweety pie. She's such a good girl and getting so big.
We wish we could be here for the Superbowl too, that would be a great party, but do all the kids have green and gold?