Sunday, September 12, 2010

The First Day of School

Colin's 1st day of preschool

Allegra, Hero, and Ian's 1st day of elementary school

I'm actually a bit behind because Hero, Allegra, and Ian have been in school for three weeks already, but Colin didn't start until last Wednesday. Hero is in her last year at Maple Grove before starting junior high next year (I personally think of 6th grade as junior high, but the Boise School District splits schools differently than what I'm used to). Allegra is in third grade and Ian started first grade. I'm enjoying all three of them being in full-day school (as opposed to having one in kindergarten which is always a bit tough due to the half-day schedule) but unfortunately Ian isn't steady enough on his bike yet for us to trust him riding to school so we're still having to drive him to school and pick him up. Colin is in his first year at Shepherd of the Valley preschool and he seems to love it - on orientation day he got upset because he wanted us to leave so definitely no clinginess to worry about from him. I do worry about the potty-training thing though, as he's still prone to accidents. I hate hate HATE potty-training, and I won't miss that stage once we get all the kids through it.


Mom and Dad said...

What are you going to do with all your spare time, lol!