Friday, September 3, 2010

The Fair

Going to a fair is an annual Fife family tradition that signals the end of summer. This year it was especially close to the start of school because the start date of classes was moved up to August 25th due to budget cuts. We enjoyed the usual food stuff: Pronto Pups, corn, milkshakes, and an ice cream potato. The kids had wristbands and got to do lots of rides and we also spent some time looking at the animals. It was our first opportunity to road-test our new double stroller. It's really sharp-looking and it handled well too, so I'm pleased. The only down side is that it's SO big, but it's kind of a necessary evil. The hospital has a little area set up for baby changing and breastfeeding with rockers and air-conditioning, so it was an easy day despite having a teeny baby.


Mom and Dad said...

Everybody looks so grown up, too fast for Grandpa and Grandma!