Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Colin's Personal Plaything

Cecily is probably the most expensive doll in the history of toys, but that seems to be exactly what Colin thinks of her as. We always have to be on guard when he's around her. Yesterday he decided that either she was a good substitute for a coloring book or, more concerning, that she needed some tats. Either way she ended up covered in blue marker on her face and arms. Cecily was happy as a clam, at least. Today I found Colin laying on the floor using Cec as a footstool while he was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Again, Cecily really didn't seem to care (surprisingly enough). I always thought that having an older brother would be awesome, I didn't realize it was actually a safety hazard.


Mom said...

Love the tats but she should have them somewhere she can cover them up as it makes it harder to find a job, lol. Sounds very much like something her mommy did to herself long, long ago...... Tell Colin that footrests are better when they can't move, haha!

Unknown said...

Oh my, does Colin have on big boy pants? Amazing!

The Fifes said...

too funny. Certainly is enough to keep you busy!