Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Month of July Has Been A Killer

I don't know if it's the mid-summer craziness that is getting to the kids or what, but whew, the month of July has sometimes felt like one semi-catastrophic event after another LOL. The latest involves the most common culprit - Colin. Most everyone knows that I was very attached to Colin's long blonde hair; so much so that he had never had more than a trim since he was born. I wouldn't let him get a haircut just because I thought he looked so cute and "California cool". Apparently Colin disagreed. He got into Hero's scissors (not cool Hero) and gave himself a doozy of a haircut. He extracted two huge hunks of hair right from the front, so there was no saving it. James buzzed him (and Ian) on Sunday. I've always said that buzz cuts make little boys look mean LOL and I stand by that. I can't wait for my baby boy's hair to grow back in :-( On a positive note, Cecily had a weight check today at the pediatrician's and she's up to 9lbs 4oz, which is an ounce a day gained.


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Mom said...

What, where's Colin??? That doesn't even look like my sweet baby boy anymore but he still sure is cute!