Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July Playlist

4th of July
Happy July! I can't believe we are more than halfway through 2008. In honor of a new month I've added a new playlist to our blog. This month's list is completely random (and nonsensical, LOL). As a shout-out to Independence Day I added the favorite tear-jerker God Bless The USA (please tell me it's not just me who cries when I hear this song accompanied with either a parade or fireworks, LOL). Otherwise you've got a pretty huge mix. Paralyzer is a song I always turn up when I hear it on the radio, but can never remember to download it onto my iPod. Hero LOVES to rock Fergalicious, so that one is for her. In light of feeling very suave and nonchalantly hip after reading David Sedaris' newest book (before it even got to paperback!) I decided to add some Thelonius Monk for some sophisticated flavor. I haven't a clue as to why I included the Barber Adagio for Strings, other than that I've played the piece several times and have always loved it. Trivia tidbit - it was played at the funerals of Princess Grace of Monaco, FDR, and JFK. Finally, as an afterthought I added Escape (The Pina Colada Song), because, gosh darn it, it's an awesome song celebrating that summer staple - the froufrou blended tropical drink, and, even better, have you ever seen the dude that sings the song? Wow - just be glad that it came out prior to music videos and 24/7 celeb tabloid coverage because Rupert Holmes is definitely NOT good-looking, LOL.