Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ian "Woods"

LOL - No we aren't harboring any illusions about our son's possible PGA career, but we do think he looks pretty darn cute at the very least. Ian can be, hmm, how to put it, tricky, so we were unsure of how he would take to his golf lessons. He absolutely loved them! We broke down on the third day of lessons and bought him his own clubs. We figure that Colin can use them too eventually. James and Ian are at the driving range this morning, as a matter of fact.


Anonymous said...

Ian is sooo cute...How come there's no BSU golf clubs for him, just like Daddys?? Hopefully you have another Tiger there and he can support us all in our old age, LOL!

The Fifes said...

Ian is so his little golf clubs and huge smile!