Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day Musings

How old-school am I? I remember celebrating May Day as a kid. We'd make little baskets and fill them with flowers or candy or handwritten notes, drop them off at the elderly neighbors' doorsteps, ring the bell, and then run like heck and hide behind the bushes. At some point after they found their May Day basket we'd slyly sidle out from behind the bushes and await the accolades of a sweet old lady (and hope desperately for a candy bar or can of pop for our kindness). Nobody does that anymore, do they? I don't even think Hero and Allegra know what May Day is. That's kind of sad, when I think about it. But on to other musings, I just had to share the joys (well, I get a kick out of it at least) of being the little brother to two girly-girl big sisters, LOL. Ian was very proud of his Ariel wig, and it looked awesome on his freshly-shaved head.