Sunday, April 27, 2008

Date Night

James and I got one of the greatest luxuries for a married couple with young children - Date Night! We were originally supposed to go to the jeweller to get the anniversary band to complete my wedding ring set but unfortunately they closed before we were able to get out of the house. But we did not want to let pre-arranged babysitting services go to waste so we headed off on a lovely night, sans les enfants. The evening started with some retail therapy at the mall (ironically everything purchased was for the children, LOL), then we enjoyed a slow dinner and cocktails at P.F. Changs downtown and then, oh-luxury-of-luxuries we went to see a film. It's been just about a year since James and I caught a movie together, and we even went to the late showing (yes, we were the oldest people in the theater)! We really enjoyed the film and had an all-around great night. Hopefully our anniversary trip to Las Vegas will be even more thrilling. One month to go!



Bobbi said...

Hey - I was at PF Changs on Saturday and a movie after. I wonder if you were there that night. Glad you had some fun!