Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Something Was Missing...

There's nothing quite like Sunday, is there? The day is glorious, as it should be. My heart is just so full as I leave corporate worship. Recently, as I considered that, I wondered how I might make my own personal worship, bible reading, and study capture some of that. I quickly realized that an element that was missing from my personal time with God was music. And not just background music as I go about a task (although that's wonderful, and a way I bring a soothing spirit of peace into my home when tensions tend to run high, like during the morning getting-to-school rush or the "witching hour" right before dinner), but thoughtful singing where I reflect on the words. Have you incorporated music into your personal worship time? How do you do it? I can do something as simple as pick up the hymnal and play and sing, or I can use my phone and find a song on YouTube and use that (I admit, that works nice when the babies are napping). Lately, I've just been finding that Speak O Lord by the Gettys just puts me in the right orientation to God. What are your favorite personal worship songs?



Unknown said...

I have a pocket- size notebook I carry with me, even at work sometimes. I write down the lyrics to my favorite songs. Wherever I am I can ponder the words -accurately, lol.
Music itself has never really been much of an option until recently. Besides I'm a terrible singer. So it's a nice way to pray the words or use as a reminder. I also write my favorite verses, things to pray for, and even specific word for word prayers (Valley of Vision), names of God, His attributes, etc.The book is always with me or readily available. I find this encouraging as well as a reminder when I'm struggling and always a comfort.