Friday, July 29, 2016

We're Officially Missionaries!

The tenor of our blog is changing - there will still be newsy family updates, and personal musings, but mostly I'd like this to become a blog about our ministry.  We are officially missionaries now, appointed by ABWE to serve in North Togo.  We are in pre-field right now, which is a ministry focused on raising team partners, spiritually and financially.  The thought of pre-field is daunting, as someone who is so uncomfortable with asking others for assistance.  Thankfully we were given a bible study to complete regarding partner raising for missions work, and it is so helpful to know that asking and allowing others to join with you in God's work is biblical!  I will admit though, knowing that in my heart and expressing it outwardly is two different things.  I pray daily for boldness, and might I make my first prayer request here for courage and endurance during this time of early pre-field ministry?  


JoyC said...

What a blessing to see you and James present your ministry last night. We will keep you in our prayers and would like to be a part of your preparation for missions by prayer and encouragements.