Friday, February 7, 2014

Hello to Esther!

In November we welcomed a new member to our pet family - a kitten from the humane society that we named Esther (we call her Essie most of the time, unless we find her trying to get on the table, and then she hears her full name yelled at her).  She's a perfect fit for our family - spunky and vivacious, but very loving.  She's already grown very much in the two and a half months we've had her, and it's added such fun to our home.  We said goodbye to the last of our elderly cats (we lost the last three within four months), which was very difficult, but young, vibrant life has a way of reminding you that time marches on.

Cecily spends a lot of time toting Essie around

Elinor's more content to observe and occasionally pet

James is secretly a cat lover, I think

Essie hanging out with Hero's guinea pig, Cinammon

Her favorite place to lay is in front of the fireplace, when it's on