Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Fearless Firecracker

Did you guess who I'm talking about? It's Cecily. That girl is crazy strong, crazy bold, and crazy determined. I have a feeling we are in for quite the ride as that little girl grows up, but that she's going to accomplish great things when she finally gets there. This summer she made her first go at ice-skating (inspired by her big sisters, of course). She took a Learn-to-Skate class and was by far the youngest kid there, but she was so up for the challenge. Her legs were flying everywhere, but she clung to the little tripod and scooted back and forth with obvious glee. It didn't hurt that Hero and Allegra were allowed to be on the ice (their summer teacher was the head of the ice-skating program) during the session for extra support and encouragement. I can already picture the adorable outfits and routines (and James will no doubt groan when he reads this).




Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! Looks like you will have your hands full.Hope to see them in action some day. Love Dad