Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Catch Up

Man, am I behind. I have to admit, my head is in a bit of a fog right now. I'm so grateful that James is working full-time again, but it's been quite the adjustment to go from having help 75% of the day, to doing it all by myself. At least we have a vacation coming up soon! I didn't update last week, but I lost a little bit and then this week I had a good weigh-in, losing 2.2lbs. I'm down 13.2lbs total since January 4th. I'm at 193.4, so my first minigoal seems within reach. It feels SO good to succeed at something, for a change. As far as the rest of the family - the three older kids all earned Superiors at piano festival, so that was good, and Elle has two teeth and can say Da-Da.


Mom and Dad said...

Oh, the girls are getting so big, did the curlers stay in? Congrats on the mini goal, I'm proud of you!