Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well Done!

Boise State Broncos, that is. The Fiesta Bowl was a close game, down to the very last seconds. I knew it could easily go either way - the teams were very well matched. The defense really played some outstanding football. I think being the "underdog" really helped motivate the team. All the focus was on TCU and how they could compete with any team in the nation and how they might have been robbed of a run for the national championship. I'd wager that that was discussed many times by the Bronco team during the break between the end of season and the Fiesta Bowl. Gosh, the older I get the more I love football. I always grew up identifying Sunday as church-n-football day, so it's not like it's new to me. And I remember how thrilling the Badger Rose Bowl and Packers Super Bowl were. But it makes it extra special to be able to root for Boise State as alumni. James and I dream about some day being able to buy season tickets and tailgate and follow the team around - of course this won't happen til the kids are grown and gone because tickets are expensive LOL. It's kind of a bummer that the season is over (til next year!) - maybe the Packers will do well in the playoffs and we can enjoy football for a few more weeks.


Mom said...

Go Boise and the Packers!