Monday, January 25, 2010

Pointe Shoes!!

A couple weeks ago I got to get fitted for pointe shoes for ballet! I was so excited. I could barely wait to go. Once it was time to go I was jumping around because I was so excited. When I got to the place where I would get fitted I was jumping out of my seat. The place I went to to get fitted was at Onstage Dancewear. When I went in there were a couple of my classmates getting fitted. Finally it was my turn to get pointe shoes. Somehow I only had to try on one pair and that was the pair I got. You normally have to go through at least three pairs until you get the right size. I ended up getting a five and a half b. There was a girl across from me who had to try on at least twenty pairs before she found hers. Well it was really fun and I got to wear them last Friday.


Grandma said...

Grandpa and I are so proud of you Hero, your so talented!