Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We've Given Up

Trying to win Best Parent Ever status that is (it's a really funny blog, by the way, if you are ever bored). We caved and bought a "cage" for Colin. We call it his funhouse, because if you just say it then it's true, right? I've always thought that they were for lazy parents, but after one too many episodes of computer screen coloring, refrigerator raiding, and toilet-flushing it was either the play yard for Colin or the psych ward for me. James was put off by the cost, but can you put a price on sanity? Kind of like the Mastercard commercials - priceless. It is working beautifully - we rotate the toys that are in there to keep things fun and fresh and of course we let him out for some free-roaming time. I've felt more productive and peaceful this week than at any time since Colin became mobile. Note that in the pictures Ian, Allegra and Cecily are also in the funhouse. This is not normal, but ANY new thing is exciting, I guess. Even Hero got in it for a while on the weekend.


Mom said...

I thought the "cage" was for you, leaving Colin to do whatever he wants...how long before he figures out how to climb out of it, he's pretty resourceful????? lol!

Haley said...

Great idea, I think I might get one for this new baby when he is a little older. Too bad it wouldn't contain my 4 year old son! lol.