Friday, October 2, 2009

The Best Month

I know I say every year that October is my favorite month, and its true. So far, though, October 2009 has been a disappointment (yeah, yeah, I know we're all of a whopping two days into it LOL). I've come down with some icky virus that's left me feeling like I've been kicked in the head by a horse. I *think* I'm slowly on the mend though (liquid Tylenol Sore Throat and Cough medicine is a godsend). It took a turn towards fall weather-wise as well, with a 30 degree temperature shift in one day. It's been in the 50s since Wednesday and while I enjoy me some good sweater weather, it's been a shock to the system after all the 90 degree late summer heat. In other exciting news (haha) I got to go on the hunt for a new OBGYN as my current doctor is leaving private practice. This is a bummer as I loved my doctor and had been with her since I got pregnant with Allegra, but what are you gonna do. I should have seen it coming because things got kind of weird during the last few weeks of my pregnancy and when I finally did go into labor my doctor was no where to be found and I ended up being delivered by the on-call doctor (blech) and she never checked up on me after delivery or anything. I finally finagled a recommendation for a new doctor and she did accept me as a new patient, so that's good. It can be tough to find a doctor that is VBAC friendly, and while I'm not planning on having any more children, it's still important to me that my doctors share my philosophies. But with that stuff behind me hopefully its on to the better parts of October - apple pie, pumpkin picking, falling leaves, new clothes, my mom's visit (yeah!), my birthday, and Halloween.


Mom said...

Can't wait to get there and see my beautiful family, only 20 more days!