Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Back to school time, that is. Does anyone remember those old Staples' ads with the parents gleefully misappropriating that holiday song? It's so true LOL. The summer did actually fly by though, so the start of the school year seemed to kind of creep up on us. It's so hard to believe that Ian is at Maple Grove with Hero and Allegra now. He's in morning kindergarten and seems to be enjoying it - he's rather stoic, so I only get a little bit of information out of him as far as how his day went LOL. I'm definitely not used to doing the whole morning kindergarten thing - as a matter of fact on the third day of school I FORGOT to pick him up. I was 20 minutes late because it just totally slipped my mind. I'm the worst parent ever, I know - just send me the therapy bill in twenty years, Ian. Hero is in 5th grade and Allegra is in 2nd. Both of them were eager to get back to school and their friends. It's going to be quite the balancing act to figure out how all of the schedules are going to work, but somehow we'll manage, I'm sure.


Mom said...

Oh my grandbabies are the cutest! I can't believe how much Cecily looks like her Mom, brings lots of great memories. Can't wait to see her again.