Monday, September 21, 2009

4 Months Down

Yikes, Cecily is now four months! Four months was a huge milestone with Colin, I remember. We started him on solids and I just felt like life had found a new groove - a new normal. Well, not so much with this little one yet. She's a lovely, happy girl, but sleep is not her strong point. For James and I, I think normalcy is still a few months away. But we know that we can get through anything if we survived Hero's infancy LOL. We don't plan on starting Cecily on solids quite yet, but we did go out and buy her a new highchair because the upholstery was ripped on Colin's. I like it because it blends in very nicely with our decor - but it doesn't have wheels, so we are keeping it at the table which means that we had to put one of the leaves in and our table now seats eight. Which is absolutely massive LOL. Cec's doctor appointment is tomorrow and we are eager to hear what kind of progress she's made since making the switch to formula.


Leslie said...

She's a doll! I love the highchair!