Monday, November 12, 2007

James the Carpenter

Okay, it doesn't sound like a big deal, but I'm so happy. I have an eBay room in my garage, LOL! James and his dad walled off the third bay of our garage so I could store all my stuff in there free from cats and garage ickiness. I can't wait to get everything in there and organized. There's one thing you can't be with six people in a family, and that is disorganized. Piles of sorted clothing climbing four feet into the air, baskets full of supplies, and loads of laundry are no longer the bleak face of my office. And the kids can have their playroom back as well. Actually I don't think they were all that bothered by the chaos - they just used the baskets to secure their multidinous forts. But I feel refreshed and recharged at least, although James has sworn that if any serious remodeling needs to go on in our house, he will hire a professional :-)


Bobbi said...

Yay for handy husbands and your own space! lol I have been begging Aaron to build me a half wall between our living and family rooms but maybe I just ought to hire it out, huh? :) Colin looks too cute!

The Fifes said...

Colin is ADORABLE and growing so fast!