Friday, January 31, 2014

Harvest Party

I love the autumn, but it certainly is a busy time of year, so it was wonderful that the kids' Nana and cousin planned and hosted a party for all of the kids and their cousins.  The littler ones (and the older ones, although of course they have to be a little weird about it because they are teenagers) had an absolute blast.  The weather was Idaho perfect - sunny and warm with plenty of leaves on the ground (which is something we don't have, because we only have a small plum tree and a small locust tree in our yard).  

All the grandkids, except for the youngest (including her, the 10 kids ranged from 14 years old down to 1)

Allegra's the best kid to be willing to play with the younger kids


Elinor is a ham



More Elinor

Party Games

Bobbing for Apples

Doughnut eating contest

Gotta post a goofy picture of the teenager



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pics. I really enjoy looking at them. They are growing so fast. You and James look great! God Bless Dad