Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Modest Monday - Short Skirt

I know for most people, this isn't a short skirt, but it is for me! I think that it's still tasteful and modest though. I love the sheen and pattern, as well as the full cut (it has kind of a vintage look to it). I usually wear all black with it, but I decided to be a little bold and experiment with color - hence the hot pink tank underneath the black cardigan. Also, it was a little warmer this Sunday, so I got to ditch my leggings and boots for a nice pair of heels. I love these heels - so very feminine (and they give me a few extra inches, which I can always use). We wrapped up our Missions Month at church on Sunday, and it was a blessing (although sometimes it's a bit hard to be "stuck behind" in suburbia - I'd love to be involved in mission work, but James hasn't felt that calling).  I'm looking forward to getting back into the Bible again, though!

Head Covering: Black Cecily's Lace by Garlands of Grace (@$15)
Fuschia Pink Tank with Lace Trim: Coldwater Creek (hand-me-down from Mom)

Black Cardigan: Relativity (hand-me-down from Mom)
Gold and Black Brocade Print skirt: Lane Bryant via ebay (about $14)

  Black Patent Leather T-Strap heels with rounded toe and bow on the ankle: Gianni Bini from Dillards (about $80, but that was 5 years ago)

Speaking about modesty, another blogger is running a Modesty-themed event, so I thought that'd be a fun link-in here.  I love reading about modesty and especially seeing pictures (obviously LOL).

Modestly Adorned Event


Serena said...

So wish that I had more to contribute to these Modest Monday posts! But alas, my complete lack of fashion sense and the lack of funds to support any fashion sense (even if I did have it!) greatly limit my ability to comment. That, and the fact that I am not impressed with the way that any style of clothing fits onto my current frame. UHG!

Anyway - I do admire how "put together" you always look. I would never have thought to try the hot pink tank with that skirt, but it LOOKED GREAT! I also love how you find such great bargains on so many of your wardrobe pieces. Way to go!