Friday, July 1, 2011


Beautiful Baby Girls, that is! I'm totally biased, but gosh darn if they aren't the cutest little things? I love how they are opposites, it just makes it more fun. It'll be interesting to see if they are personality opposites, as Elinor gets older. Can I admit I'm secretly hoping for that? Ceci can be rather intense, and I wouldn't mind just one more easy-going child. Otherwise, I have a feelings, the battles between these two will be epic. I'm setting myself up for trouble with the matching outfits as they get older and closer in size, no? I can just hear the "twins" questions - especially since I used to get that with Hero and Allegra and they are two and a half years apart. I even heard that a month ago with Ian and Colin, who are three and a half years apart!


Mom and Dad said...

They are so cute, love their outfits!