Thursday, June 23, 2011

1st Place x 3

I'm not sure why I go in spurts on the blog. Actually, I think you could use my posting frequency as a measure of my state of mind. While I'm feeling good and on top of things I tend to post more, but when I'm feeling anxious and chaotic I stop. Well, I wouldn't say I'm feeling on top of the world right now, but I think I'm going to try harder at convincing myself that everything is under control by doing the external things first LOL.

Hero and Allegra competed in their second figure skating competition last week. They've worked much harder this year than last year - especially in the last two months. We've been at the rink SO much (I wish it was closer!). During the school year, they had to get their at 6:30, which meant a 5:30 wake up call, and usually they didn't complain. All that hard work finally paid off, as they won gold medals in all of their events. Hero did two events and Allegra one. I'm so, so proud of them, and I'm hoping we can do more competitions, because this one was fun!


Mom and Dad said...

We always knew we had the best, most talented grandkids ever! Hope we can be there to see it in person someday. Remember, Grandpa taught you all you know, lol!