Friday, May 27, 2011

Party Time

We held Cecily's actual party on Sunday, the 22nd, and we couldn't have been blessed with a more perfect day if we'd ordered it up. It was sunny, comfortable, and perfect for enjoying a backyard barbeque. It was a more relaxing birthday party than we've had for quite a while. Cecily loved her dollhouse toys, barbie, puzzles, and tea set. I had planned on doing a cute 2nd birthday theme ordered online, but I procrastinated too long and had to go with Minnie Mouse (it was the only thing she recognized at the party store). All in all it turned out fine, though. Cecily enjoyed her day with all of us and cousin Oriana, Aunt Jennifer, Nana, and Papa (with the possible exception of the gift-opening, which made her kind of crazy - I don't know where that came out of).


Mom and Dad said...

Happy Bday Cecily, you certainly are not a spitfire like Mommy says, your Grandpa and Grandma's little angel!