Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crafty? Me??

Okay, since it's food I don't think it actually qualifies as crafty, but it's as close as I get. I made a special St. Patrick's Day themed dinner yesterday and the kids (mostly) thought it was great. Our menu consisted of Corned Beef & Dill sandwiches (surprisingly good - although Ian thought it was weird that we were eating "grass"), Pot of Gold potatoes, Blarneystone bars with green frosting, and Leprechaun Lime Drink. Believe it or not, Ian ate his entire meal wearing the leprechaun hat and beard he made in school that day. So, St Pat's down - next is Spring Break, and then Easter, yikes!!


Mom said...

I'm with Ian on the eating grass thing...good to see him eat so well though and with the beard thing on, I would have made a mess!