Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Odds and Ends

Our big gender reveal ultrasound is less than a week away - scheduled for next Tuesday. I'm so excited. Hopefully this'll spur us to get working on baby names. I think that whatever we decide, name-wise, we're going to keep it a surprise until after the baby is born. We've never gotten to keep the gender a surprise, so this is one little thing it'll be fun to have for our last time (and yes, it is our last time, regardless of how "cool" James thinks an 11/11/11 baby would be LOL). The boys want it to be a boy but think it's a girl and the girls want another girl but think it is a boy. James and I go back and forth. As of two days ago, James was guessing boy and I was guessing girl. In other baby-related news - we got our test results back for the second half of our sequential screen and the numbers came back great. Our Down Syndrome risk went from 1:199 after the first test to 1:4200 after the second test. And everything else was within the normal range for my age, so we are looking good at this point. Poohba's movements are getting a bit more noticeable which is a relief for me because he or she has been definitely on the quiet side compared to some of our other babies. I've also started noticeably showing, which is fun too.
In other news, we've GOT to have these nightly Olympics-watching marathons come to an end soon, both James and I are dragging in the mornings LOL. And our DVR is filling up (blessed, blessed DVR). The kids played in Piano Festival last Friday and all earned Superiors, so we're very proud of them. Hero has Violin Festival this Friday and after Festival I've promised Allegra that she can start violin lessons. And on a totally random note - I asked Ian to do his hair for school this morning and out of nowhere he decided he wanted to rock a mohawk. Hero was aghast that I let him wear it to school that way. But hey, you're only in kindergarten once.


Mom said...

Are you not going to tell me too? I don't think I can take it, that's such a long time to wait. Ian is so cute and a good boy too! Cecily is adorable as always.