Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Weather Outside

Is frightful for driving but delightful for getting in the Christmas spirit. We woke up yesterday to softly falling snow and it stuck! We're blanketed in a downy, soft covering of fresh snow and it isn't likely to melt this week with cold, cold temperatures predicted for the duration. This morning it was -4 (-14 with windchill factor). We've given up on making the girls ride their bikes to school this week, for which they are quite grateful, I'm sure. I love snow and cold weather prior to January. After we're done celebrating the New Year though, it can go away and spring can come LOL. I'm praying this sticks around til Christmas, but not holding my breath.


Mom and Dad said...

Since Dad didn't get a deer in WI, he is going to come out to you and get the 3 in your yard, lol! Weird to see it colder by you than here, Dad said that cancels us moving there, too cold!

Bobbi said...

It's freezing, isn't it?! I keep upping our thermostat. What I would give for a wood stove right now.