Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to James & Party Pics!

Happy 32nd Birthday James, we love you (even though you are getting SERIOUSLY old :-P). Here's some pictures from Colin's birthday party last Saturday. We had it in our backyard - you'd think that June would be a safe month to plan an outdoor party, but it was cold and windy. We braved the elements anyways and it was a good thing we had the party outside due to the extreme mess Colin made with his birthday boy cake. He ate an astonishing amount of it and then he began to play with it - sticking his feet in it and crawling all over it. It was priceless!


Anonymous said...

Happy 32nd Birthday James!!!! It was great to be able to be with Colin for his 1st bday. I did think Idaho weather would be better, gotta be honest. Wisconsin has been in the 70's even when we were freezing out was all worth it, we miss the kids, the commotion, and ciaos too! Very quiet here. Hopefully we can come back soon.